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Over the past 30 years, Kawasaki Gas Turbines has grown to be a primary player in the power generation market, but our history goes back even further. In 1943, we built the first aircraft gas turbine engine, then went on to become a major service provider for the aerospace turbine market. In the early 1970s we entered the industrial gas turbine market with our M1A GT engine. During the 70's our participation in the industrial gas turbine market was focused largely in Japan and Southeast Asia, with our products being sold through third parties in America.

Today, Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas, a division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., is a leading manufacturer of small and midsize gas turbine power systems from 1.2 MW to 20 MW. Our reputation for making efficient, reliable and low-emissions gas turbine packaged power plants is respected not only in the USA, but around the world. We hold the majority market share for GT power Generation sets for 10 MW's and below - with almost 8,000 GT units installed world-wide. Our product focus is primarily the base load cogeneration markets and backup / standby power markets

And we continue to grow.

While we're most often recognized as an industrial world leader, there's more to Kawasaki Gas Turbines than you might assume. Our strength and reach as an international powerhouse have given us the opportunity to play an important role in ways that help improve everyone's surroundings.

From setting industry standards for environmental safety, to providing clean and efficient heat and electricity for hospitals, oil fields and college campuses — the stories continue, as do our efforts to make a positive impact in as many ways, and places, as possible.

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