12 Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant Delivered in Indonesia

Kawasaki Gas Turbines Asia along with an Indonesian engineering firm, PT Euroasiatic jointly delivered a 12 MW combined cycle plant to Ajinomoto Co Inc.'s Indonesian subsidiary. The system is comprised of a natural gas fueled gas trubine power generation system employing our 7 Mw class M7A-02 gas turbine, a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and a steam turbine generator. It generates 12,000 kW's and 55 tons/hour steam, which will be supplied to the process facility. The system will boost energy savings with an overall efficiency of over 90% as well as reducing the facilities CO2 emissions by approximately 20%. The system uses Kawasaki DLE Low Nox combustion system to reduce Nox emissions. Kawasaki supplied the gas turbine generator system as well as the steam turbine generator. PT Euroasiatic supplied the heat recovery steam generator.
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