KGTA provides 1.5 Mw GT unit to an east coast pharmacetical plant

KGTA completed installation of a 1.5 MW GPB15D cogeneration plant in 2007 for a major pharmaceutical company. The unit was supplied with an unfired waste heat recovery boiler providing over 11,000 lbs an hour of steam to the plant. The plant incorporated KGTA pre-wired extended electrical skid which facilitated a quick installation on site. This CHP packaged power plant installatoin provides power at steam at a 80% thermal efficiency rating. This fuel efficient power plant, also qualified for a state grant for its CHP energy savings. This green power plant uses Kawasaki Dry Low Emissions (DLE) technology insuring low engine exhaust emissions; NOx less than 20 ppm and CO less than 50 ppm.
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