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NOTE: Only for Projects in North America, Central America, South America
I. Administrative
Customer Name and Address/Addressee

Customer Telephone Number

Customer Fax Number

Customer Email


Customer Specification Attached: Yes No

File to upload:

Type of Application:
Base Load
For Cogeneration sites
Combined Cycle

The Project Has a Budget Yes No
Customer Schedule:
  • Date of RFP
Total Power Required:
  • Due Date of Bid
  • Expected Order Date
Required kW's - Unit Size:
  • Date Required on Site
  • Date of Commercial Operation
Scope of supply  
  • Equipment Only
  • Furnish & Install
Ship To Address

II. Site Information
Site Altitude
Design / average Ambient Temperature
Summer Temperature Range (max/min)
Winter Temperature Range (max/min)
Is water available for cooling? Yes No
If Yes, attach specification
If Yes, quantity available
Seismic Requirements
Voltage and Frequency Hz
Power Factor (P.F.)
Black Start Capability Yes No
Breaker required Yes No
High Side or Low Side?

III. Performance  
Duty Cycle Peaking
  Base Load
Fuel(s) to be used Natural Gas
  Available pipeline Pressure (psig)
  #2 Diesel
  Dual Fuel
  Other fuels?
Gas Analysis Attached Yes No
Emission Requirements NOx
Emissions control: Prefer DLE combustion System
Emissions control: Prefer steam or water Injection
Noise Requirements  
  • Near Field dBa at 1 Meter

V. Equipment Required  
KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Models  
Nominal rating @ ISO conditions w / inlet & exhaust duct losses D = dry low emissions system
600 Kw's GPB06
1500 kW's GPB15
1500 kW's GPB15D
1500 kW's GPB15X
2900 kW's GPB30
2900 kW's GPB30D
5400 kW's GPB60
6600 kW's GPB70
6550 kW's GPB70D
7600 kW's GPB80D
17,500 kW's GPB180
17,400 kW's GPB180D
17,400 kW's GPB17D

1000 kW's GPS1250
1200 kW's GPS1500
1400 kW's GPS1750
1600 kW's GPS2000
2000 kW's GPS2500
2400 kW's GPS3000
2800 kW's GPS3500
3200 kW's GPS4000
3600 kW's GPS4500
4200 kW's GPS5000
5200 kW's GPS6000

Other Equipment

Fuel Gas Booster Compressor? (Fuel gas supply pressure to the GT - starts at 200 psig)

GT Inlet air chilling?
GT Inlet air pulse filters?
Remote Human Machine Interface? (HMI)
MCC and Output Breaker on skid?
Auto Synchronization to grid?

VI. Waste Heat Equipment Required
General Questions  
Existing site? Yes No
New Site? Yes No
Does water exist at site? Yes No
Does the customer desire simple cycle installation first with future Cogeneration/combined cycle add-on? Yes No
If yes, what is the phased timing? Yes No
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) Yes No
Number of Pressure Levels One
Steam Flow (pounds per hour)
Steam Temperature(s) (°F)
Steam Pressure (psig)
Deaerating Heater (DA) required?
Absorption steam chillers?
Water Evaporators?
Thanks for your information

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