GPB180/180D (18MWClass)


Ideal for reliable on-site base load power generation requiring from 16 MW to 18 MW for co-generation applications.
The GPB180/180D is based on Kawasaki's L20A heavy duty industrial gas turbine with 10 years of commercial experience and proven reliability.  At 18.4 MW (ISO), it is ideal for cogeneration applications in utility applications, large industrial process plant applications, large hospital complexes, universities / colleges, large district energy systems, large life-science and bio-science facilities, and other facilities with large thermal and electrical loads.  The Kawasaki Industrial Gas Turbine Generator Unit provides the benefit of a large thermal capability to provide a co-generation system efficiency of 84% or a combined cycle power plant efficiency of nearly 50% and a long service life of 32,000 EOH between overhauls.


A Closer Look


The GPB180D is suited for geographic areas requiring emissions control, with NOx emissions of 25 ppm (O2=15%) and CO emissions of 50 ppm (O2=15%) from 70-100% load, using Kawasaki's multiple nozzle DLE (Dry Low Emissions) fuel injection combustion system.

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GPB180 Family Performance - IP Units(Switch To SI Units)
Inlet Air Temp. Electric Output Thermal Output Fuel Input Efficiency HRSG Steam Output Exhaust Temp. Exhaust Flow
°F kWe kWt kWt % lb/hr °F lb/s
GPB180/180D Power Performance
ISO(59) 18,440 -- 54,936 34.2 -- 1007 131.9
GPB180/180D CHP Performance
32 19,425 27,076 56,436 82.4 88,600 999 135.7
59 18,070 26,739 53,405 83.9 87,490 1,012 130.6
86 16,471 26,369 50,111 85.5 86,330 1,030 124.0
104 15,180 26,133 47,696 86.6 85,510 1,048 118.4

Units Weights and Dimensions GPB180/180D - IP Units (Switch To SI Units)
Dimension (L,W,H) Weight
inches lbs
677 x 138 x 134 288,900

Gas Fuel


Performance based on:

4 inch H2O intake / 10 inch H2O exhaust pressure losses
Sea level elevation
120 psig (8.3 barG) Steam Pressure
176 oF (80 oC) Feed-water Temperature
Natural Gas Pressure of 400 psig (27.6 barG)

  • Contact Kawasaki Engineering for site-specific performance
  • Performance is not guaranteed

Standard Equipment Special Features
  • L20A heavy duty industrial single shaft gas turbine engine
  • Reduction gearbox with main lube oil pump and turning motor
  • VFD Motor starting system
  • Indoor enclosure, sound attenuated to 85 dBA, with lighting, ventilation, chain block and rail for maintenance
  • 4.16 kV generator, air cooled, open drip proof type, with sleeve bearings and brushless PMG exciter
  • Heavy-duty I beam steel base-frame for the turbine engine, primed and painted
  • Lube oil system includes gear driven main lube oil pump, duplex filters, air cooled lube oil heat exchanger, motor driven vent demister, tank integrated into the base-frame with oil heater, lube oil filter and lube oil cooler
  • Fuel gas system with shut-off block and bleed valves
  • State-of-the-art PLC control
  • Inlet filter house with weather louvers, and 2 stage static depth loading box type filter system using water resistant synthetic media
  • Enclosure designed for 85 dBA noise attenuation includes fan forced ventilation system with CO2 dampers and maintenance access doors
  • Engine Removal I beam with rolling trolley and chain lift
  • Battery system ( lead acid) with battery charger for coast down lube oil pumps and jacking motor
  • Exhaust flex joint, and exhaust ducting
  • Engine compressor water wash cart
  • Proven Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Option: Fire and gas detection with CO2 suppression system
  • Option: Dual fuel system for operation on both gas and liquid fuels
  • Option: Generator Voltages from 4.16 kV to 13.8 kV
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