GPS1250 (1000kW)


The GPS1250 is ideal for facilities that require high quality and highly reliable standby (or emergency) power generation and a capacity from 800 kW to 1000 kW.  The GPS stand-by gas turbine is designed for reliable emergency back up power for data centers, hospitals (non-life safety loads), prisons and other mission critical facilities.


A Closer Look

The GPS units start and accept full power in 30 to 40 seconds. The GPS units are approximately 50% the weight and footprint of a comparably sized diesel engine generator, so they are well suited for installation on rooftops or mezzanines, saving valuable real estate for other purposes.  The GPS unit can operate on natural gas, kerosene and diesel fuel, and can switch automatically between fuels during operation at 100% power output.

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Unit Specifications - IP Units(Switch To SI Units)
Unit Configuration Electric Output Fuel Consumption (Diesel) Dimension (L x W x H) Weight
kWe gph inches lbs
Outdoor 1,000 139 286 x 65 x 142 29,160
Indoor 1,000 139 231 x 65 x 132 26,460

Liquid (Diesel / Kerosene), Natural Gas or Dual Fuel (with automatic switching between the dual fuels)


Performance based upon the following:

Power output from ambient temperature of 41 oF to 104 oF [5 oC to 40 oC]

Fuel consumption at ambient temperature of 59 oF [15 oC]

Elevation of 492 feet [150 m] above sea level

Natural gas supplied to unit at 200 psig

Standard Equipment Special Features
  • Reduction gearbox with main lube oil pump and turning motor
  • VFD - soft start AC motor starting system
  • Indoor enclosure, sound attenuated to 85 dBA, with lighting, ventilation, chain block and rail for maintenance
  • 4160 V generator , open drip proof, air cooled design, with brushless PMG exciter
  • Heavy-duty I beam steel base-frame for the turbine engine, primed and painted
  • Lube oil system includes gear driven main lube oil pump, duplex filters, air cooled lube oil heat exchanger, motor driven vent demister, tank integrated into the base-frame with oil heater, lube oil filter and lube oil cooler
  • Liquid fuel system with gear driven fuel pump; option is dual fuel system with natural gas fuel
  • Fire and gas detection with CO2 suppression system
  • State-of-the-art PLC control
  • Enclosure designed for 85 dBa noise attenuation includes fan forced ventilation system with CO2 dampers and maintenance access doors
  • Engine Removal ceiling eye hooks with chain fall lift
  • Lead acid battery system with battery charger for coast down lube oil pumps and jacking motor
  • Exhaust flex joint, & exhaust ducting,
  • Proven Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • High Efficiency
  • 40 second start to full load operation
  • Option: High pressure air start
  • Option: Ni-cad battery system
  • Option: Output voltage ranging from 480 Volts to 6.6 kV (60 Hz) or 400 Volts to 6.6 kV (50 Hz)
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